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Happiness for a year of togetherness

Dear Beloved Communities of Practice near and far!

Aware of the happiness for a year of togetherness, we know we inter-are. "Taking care of the garden left to us by our ancestors" is our responsibility, pleasure, and legacy we hold in our hands on the path of practice.

The New Year Giáp Thìn (Year of Dragon) 2024 is going to bring us more opportunities to be present for and express words of acknowledgements as well as actions to pay respect to each other. To all Respected Venerables who are always offering us untiring support and guidance, and to all extended hands connecting the circles, Thai Plum Village monastic brothers and sisters would like to sincerely wish all the best with a lot of joy in the practice, allowing the boat of the Sangha to advance solidly.

With love and faith!

Monastic brothers and sisters

Thai Plum Village


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