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Weekly Practice

The upcoming week of mindfulness


Period of Staying

All practitioners who come to Thai Plum Village are welcome to stay for a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks. Even for those who come to Thai Plum Village with difficulties, the first two weeks are enough to help you to calm down, reflect on your challenges, and learn how to begin to transform those difficulties.


After two weeks, practitioners who wish to stay longer may request to extend their time with us. You will be asked to write a letter to the community to share why you would like to continue your stay. If your request is accepted, we shall also ask you to write a letter to us every week to let us know how you are progressing in your practice. In this letter, you might share with us which progress you have made in transforming your difficulties, which practices you will continue to change your challenges, and how much longer you wish to stay. You may tell us more about yourself so that the community can understand you more deeply and help you with your practice.


The monastic brothers, sisters, and lay practitioners in Thai Plum Village are here to help you learn the art of living mindfully and appreciating the many wonders of life available in us and around us in the present moment.

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