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Weekly Practice

The upcoming week of mindfulness

Period of Staying

All practitioners who come to Thai Plum Village are welcome to stay for a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks. Even for those who come to Thai Plum Village with difficulties, the first two weeks are enough to help you to calm down, reflect on your challenges, and learn how to begin to transform those difficulties.


After two weeks, practitioners who wish to stay longer may request to extend their time with us. You will be asked to write a letter to the community to share why you would like to continue your stay. If your request is accepted, we shall also ask you to write a letter to us every week to let us know how you are progressing in your practice. In this letter, you might share with us which progress you have made in transforming your difficulties, which practices you will continue to change your challenges, and how much longer you wish to stay. You may tell us more about yourself so that the community can understand you more deeply and help you with your practice.


The monastic brothers, sisters, and lay practitioners in Thai Plum Village are here to help you learn the art of living mindfully and appreciating the many wonders of life available in us and around us in the present moment.


Tentative Daily Practice Schedule

4:00       Wake up

4:45       Sitting Meditation/ Chanting/ Discourse Reading

6.00       Walking Meditation

7:00       Silent Breakfast

8.30       Dharma Talk (DVD)/Extracurricular activities

11:30     Lunch (silent during the first 20’)

13:00     Rest

15:00     Working Meditation

17.30     Silent Dinner

18.30     Personal Time

19.30     Sitting meditation & Touching the Earth

21.00     Noble Silence

             (until after having washed your bowl after breakfast).

Monday is Lazy Day


Thai, Vietnamese, and English

Translation system will be provide

How to stay


         We request you wear non-revealing clothing at all times:
long or short sleeve shirts covering the upper body, and pants, shorts,  or dresses, that are roughly knee-length.

         A white costume is not required.


        3 Meals in Vegetarian 


What to Bring

●      Mosquito repellant

●      Flashlight, hat, water bottle, umbrella.

●      Warm Clothes (coat/jacket).

●      Socks, woolly hat for the cool season (November to February)

●      Comfortable shoes/sandals to support walking meditation

●      Your own medicines or supplements as necessary


          The accommodation will be a shared bedroom and shared bathroom.

          Men and women are assigned to stay and practice in separate hamlets.

          Because the accommodation for men is limited, therefore tents can be used in the retreats, if needed.

Arrival and Departure

       Please kindly arrive to the monastery between 3:00 - 4:30 pm on Friday during the mindful working time of our guest team.
      Also, please understand that our community practices meditation and noble silence in the evening until the next morning so please do not arrive any other time after sunset. (after 18:00 until the next morning).

        For transportation conveniences, the appropriate departure day is on Friday by public van.

          The monastery also recommends you buy travel insurance before going abroad (To ensure your benefit in case you need medical assistance abroad)

       In order to support and protect our Mother Earth, we would apply a weekly NO CAR DAY on Sunday, you are also invited to practice with us - So please Not arrive or departure on Sunday. 

        Please kindly bring your passport for registration upon arrival.

        You also have time to be given the orientation on basic practices by Dharma Teachers every Friday evening (for new arrival friends).

How to come here

          Thai Plum Village International Practice Center is located at Pak Chong District in NakornRatchasima which is about 240 km. North-East of Bangkok. It approximately takes 3.5-4 hours from downtown Bangkok (Victory Monument).

         If you travel by public van (From Bangkok), please kindly take the van by 12:00  (noon time) to reach the monastery around 15:00 – 16:00

         You can come here by Public Van, Train, Car pooling and your own vihicles

         See more information click here

Regulations during stay

●      All visitors are required to register online and have already    

        received a confirmation email before coming

●     Except for medical emergencies, please do not go out
        of the Monastery.

●      Pets are not welcome

●      Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a
        parent(s) or an adult

●      Please clean your own space regularly according to
        the instructions of the Monastery.

●      If you are currently taking any medication,
         please make sure that you bring them with you.

●      As a Buddhist monastery, the internet is not available

        so please kindly arrange everything before coming

        to practice at the monastery.


Donation (Dana)

     The monastery is non-profit and therefore sustained by donation. As you feel comfortable, you may like to make a contribution for food and accommodations and to support the monastery.

      More donation information Click here

How to Register

         Enjoy completing the registration at least 2 weeks before your intended arrival date. A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as possible. 

         The registration for 1 week-stay will be available again at the beginning of 2023. Thank you

          Contact by email:

          Trang Web tiếng Việt:

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