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Getting Here


ที่อยู่: สถานปฏิบัติธรรมนานาชาติหมู่บ้านพลัม ประเทศไทย

174, 176 หมู่ 7 บ้านสระน้ำใส. ต.โป่งตาลอง  อ.ปากช่อง  จ.นครราชสีมา 30130

ADRESS: Thai Plum Village International Practice Center

174,176 Ban Sra Nam Sai , Moo 7, Tambon Pongtalong, Pak Chong District in NakornRatchasima

The Center is about 240 km North-East of Bangkok. It approximately takes 3.5-4 hours from downtown Bangkok. Thai Plum Village is about 40 km from downtown Pakchong district, Nakornrachsrima province. 


How to registration

Enjoy completing the registration form here at least 2 weeks before your intended arrival date.

A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as possible.

To visit us please registration by sending email to

Trang Web Tiếng Việt:

Additional Information

●      All visitors are required to register online and have already received a confirmation email
        before coming

●      Pets are not welcome

●      Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent(s) or an adult

●      As a Buddhist monastery, the internet is not available so please kindly arrange everything
        before coming to practice at the monastery.

Thai Plum Village International Practice Center 

How to get here

How to get here

1. Getting to Plum Village by public van

  • If you are in city downtown, please take city bus number 3 or 77 or 509 or take a taxi to Minibus Station. (Chatuchak)

  • When you arrive at Morchit Skytrain station (BTS Morchit) , walk or use Grab app or taxi to the location shown in Image 1 (Minibus Station (Chatuchak)).
    The cost is about 50 to 100 Baht depending on the driver (taxi is preferred).
    If you do not carry much luggage and feel like walking, you can also walk across the park to reach the Minibus Station.

  • The Minibus Station (Chatuchak) is located under an expressway, you can show Image 1 to the driver.

  • As you arrive, please enter ticket station A, ticket counter A1 , please see image 2, and show the Practice Center’s address to the staff.
    *** There is only one English speaker among the staff members, but if you tell them you want to go to Plum Village, you will be able to obtain the ticket. 

  • PRICE:

  • The ticket price is 800 Baht/1 person for a minibus or a van that arrives right at the Practice Center.


  • To assist with the Practice Center’s schedule, please try not to arrive at the Practice Center after 16:00 by taking the bus before 12:00 (noon) in order arrive at the Practice Center between 14:00 and 16:00.

  • As you arrive at Pakchong district, the driver will drop off each guest one by one, so usually the Practice Center’s guest(s) will be the last one(s) to to be dropped off, as the Practice Center is usually the furthest drop-off location. So please don’t worry if you are the last passenger on the minibus

  • Every 60 minutes, there will be a van leaving the bus station.

The location of the bus station on Google Maps, show this address to the driver and the driver will get where you want to go.


A photo of the front of the bus station, show this to the driver and he can be better informed about where to take you.


Ticket station – Station A. Please go to ticket counter A1. 

Image 1

1.1 Public transportation
    From Suwannaborm Airport (BKK) to public van

1.1 Public transportation
   From Donmuang Airport (DMK) to public van

2. Getting here by public train

  •  Be prepared though- these local trains are sometimes delayed a bit- so keep breathing
    and smiling on the journey! Enjoy the countryside view off the highways and the traffic!

  • Hua Lampong Railway Station is located in Central Bangkok and is accessible by MRT Line.

  • The train also stops at the old Don Mueang Airport so it is very convenient for those flying into Don Mueang, to simply board the train from there and avoid having to travel into the city.
    The train platform is accessible by a walkway from the terminal which also connects to the Amari Airport Hotel.

  • You can book ticket online by The State Railway of Thailand

  • From Pak Chong Train Station, there are usually public songtaew taxis which can be hired to bring you to Thai Plum Village. Cost of one way drop off is 500 Baht which can be shared by other travelers.  Drive is approx. 45 minutes.

  • Tel number of a local taxi driver in Pak Chong: Khun (Mr.) Paisan:  085-772-4519 or have the Information Desk at the Railway station assist to find a songtaew taxi.

3. Getting here by taxi/ private van

  •  Please contact us when you register, if you need a driver who enjoys bringing you here.

  • The price will be about 2,300 - 2,400 baths (up) per round for taxi for 1- 4 people
    And about 3,000-3,500 Bath per round for Private van for 1 - 8 people

  • Please kindly arrive to the monastery between 2:00 - 4:30 pm on Friday
    during the mindful working time of our guest team.   

  • Please kindly go together for saving an energy for our planet

4. Getting here by your own vihicles

  • Map and direction below

  • Please kindly arrive to the monastery between 2:00 - 4:30 pm on Friday
    during the mindful working time of our guest team.   

  • Also, please understand that our community practices meditation and noble silence
    in the evening until the next morning so please do not arrive any other time after sunset.

  • Please kindly go together for saving energy for our planet

What to prepare


We request you wear non-revealing clothing at all times:

long or short sleeve shirts covering the upper body, and pants, shorts,  
or dresses, that are roughly knee-length.

A white costume is not required.



The accommodation will be a shared bedroom and shared bathroom.

Men and women are assigned to stay and practice in separate hamlets.

Because the accommodation for men is limited, therefore tents can be used

as accommodation for men in the retreats, if needed.


        3 Meals in Vegetarian 

What to bring

●      Mosquito repellant

●      Flashlight, hat, water bottle, umbrella.

●      Warm Clothes (coat/jacket).

●      Socks, and woolly hat for the cool season (November to February)

●      Comfortable shoes/sandals to support walking meditation

●      Your own medicines or supplements as necessary


Thai, Vietnamese, and English

A translation system will be provide

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