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   The monastery is non-profit and therefore sustained by donation.
As you feel comfortable, you may like
to make
a contribution to food and accommodations and to support the monastery.
Donations can be made either in person
at the registration office or by bank transfer.

      Thai Plum Village is a mindful living community where Buddhist teaching is our foundation. We are non-profit organizations that are run through donations and financial contributions from retreatants and anyone who wants to continue mindful life. We are very grateful for each contribution; as a gift of the heart.

    The practice of generosity, Dana, is one of the most basic practices that can bring us joy and happiness in everyday life. It includes offering not only material support, but also sharing our time and energy, our experience, and our insight. 

        For those coming to stay with us at the monastery, we suggest a financial contribution for your food and accommodation. This can be done at the donation box in the meditation hall or through the bank account prior to your visit.

        If you are so inspired, we truly thank you for a donation through Thai Plum Village Foundation bank account. Your donation may be directed towards monastic living costs, offsetting retreat costs for persons in financial need, building, maintaining, and renovating the monastery, and supporting our growing monastic communities


Account Name:  PV Foundation for monastic


Pakchong Branch, Account no. 331-4-48520-6


For more information :




Dear friends, 

As Thai Plum Village Community is a collective community where we practice and support each others by our abilities., we are happy to invite you to join the volunteering. If you are enjoy to be a volunteer which match with your talents, skills and interests, we would love to hear from you.


Please fill the form via a link below.

Let us know the sample title of the position and a brief answer to the following questions. Feel free to share anything else that you think might be relevant and helpful. 

We will contact you later

We know you are there and we are very happy! 

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