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Zen's Response to Terrorism

“If the United Nations can become a real community, the tensions between nations will be maintained by the United Nations Sangha, then the United Nations General Assembly may be a place where people learn to listen to one another in As brethren and brethren, we can refrain from doing it for the good of the nation. In the true Sangha, you cannot operate according to your own ego. You surrender yourself, that you believe to be separate from others, and use it. The Sangha has eyes as eyes. You learn to profit from the collective wisdom and insight of the Sangha. It can be much stronger than the understanding of each country, speaking out to help others in your community, city and country. Together we have to help the UN become the true sangha of the nation.

We cannot let things go on as they are every day, people die, blow up every day, blow up if people don't believe in the UN as the real Sangha. because it does not follow that each country wants to use it for its own benefit, and the violence will continue without interference if the UN can be a true clergy and if the Security Council can be a real instrument of peace, we It was able to act quickly and resolve a lot of violence around the world, some say the UN is desperate and we should destroy it and start something new, but the UN is already there and that's what we have, the UN is our hope.

From Calming A Fearful Mind: Zen's Response to Terrorism

by Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Line Village


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