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“The Path of Understanding and Love” Pre-Aspirant Program

Registration Announcement

“The Path of Understanding and Love”

Pre-Aspirant Program Rain Retreat 2024

Dear friends,

“The Path of Understanding and Love” is a Pre-Aspirant program for female between 18-35 years old who wish to become a monastic of Plum Village tradition. Organized during the Rain Retreat 2024 at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center.

You are invited to live with the monastic community for three months. To deepen your practice in order to transform, heal, dealing with your difficulties and to nourish happiness. You will learn the four aspects of the practice, which are studying, playing, practicing and working. You will have a chance to attend all schedules and learning the basic practice. You will learn to live with a big community. It is the opportunity to build brotherhood and sisterhood. You will be supervised by the Mentor - Dharma teacher in order to understand the early monastic life, a noble, happy, and simple life.

This is a Pre-Aspirant program for those who wish to walk the monastic path, understanding and love, to enrich the spiritual life, to strengthen the mind of love, to grow, and to be stable.

Sample of the Daily Activities




Wake up


Sitting meditation and chanting


Walking meditation




Classes (Subject to change according to the Sangha schedule)






Working meditation such as weeding, gardening, cleaning, etc.




Sitting meditation and chanting


Noble silence

Every Thursday will be a Day of Mindfulness for monastic. Every Sunday will be a Day of Mindfulness for the fourfold community.

Basic Requirements

  • Female age 18 – 35 years old with Thai or any other Asian nationalities

  • Practice with Plum Village tradition regularly

  • Able to communicate in English

  • Able to join the whole program for three months

  • Interest and wish to walk the monastic path

  • Your relationships with those who are close to you, already settled. And your decision is in harmony with them. So that they will not become an obstacle to your training

  • No incurable disease or serious medical condition: your mental stability and physical health should be sound enough not to be an obstruction for your training. A medical and blood check will be required for you to enter the program.

  • Committed to study, practice, and serve: our training is to flow as a river in the sangha. You commit to learn how to practice and follow the guidance of the community, including attending all activities

  • Able to share the bedroom and living space with other people

  • As part of your training, you will be asked to release items that do not support your training, such as mobile phone, iPad, and laptops

The Required Documents

All applicants are invited to send the documents below to e-mail

1. Application Form with current photo

2. Family background (included in the Application Form)

3. Aspiration Letter (included in the Application Form)

4. Background with Plum Village Tradition

5. Medical Health Check with physical examination, blood test, chest X-ray, urinalysis including HIV, Hepatitis B, C and TB with doctor approval letter in English within three months, before registration close

6. Letter of recommendation from local sangha. Please send directly to e-mail above

Documents Form

1.Registration Announcement 2024
Download PDF • 815KB

2.Application Form
Download PDF • 927KB

3.Background with Plum Village Tradition
Download PDF • 149KB

Financial Support

The Monastery is a non-profit practice center. Therefore, all activities are donation-based only. We look forward to receive your support of 610 USD for the daily expenses during your stay in the Monastery like food, electricity, water, etc. (Excluded medical expense, visa fee and air ticket)

Note: The participant who have financial difficulty to join the program and need the financial support. Please write to us, with the following points:

- Subject: Scholarship application for “Pre-Aspirant Program Rain Retreat 2024” - Reasons to apply for scholarship

- Indicate the scholarship amount you request

Please attach this scholarship application with the Application form of the program, and wait for the organizing team’s reply.




2nd June

Registration closed

7th-9th June

On-site interview for Thai applicants

10th-12th June

Interview via Zoom on appointment for the non-Thai applicants

13th June

Result Announcement

19th July

Arriving at the monastery

20th July

Counting Stick Ceremony

21st July

Rain Retreat Ceremony

16th October

Returning home for non-Thai participants

17th October

Returning home for Thai participants

Please send the application, any inquiry, or further information at

The registration will be closed on June 2, 2024

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be

Organizing Team

Thai Plum Village International Practice Center


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