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Weekend Retreat March 2023

Happiness is here and now


3-5 March 2023



In Person Retreat



Registration close


‘Happiness is here and now’

3-5 January 2023

Thai Plum Village International Meditation Center, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima

Practice Schedule

Fri 3 Jan

10.00 arrival/ unpack

11.30 picnic lunch

13.00 total relaxation

15.00 orientation/ dharma family

16.30 mindful exercise

17.30 dinner

19.30 guided sitting meditation/ touching the earth

21.30 noble silence/ light off


Sat 4

4.30 wake up

5.15 sitting meditation/ sutra reading/ walking meditation

7.00 breakfast

8.00 working meditation

9.00 dharma talk

11.30 lunch

13.00 total relaxation

15.00 dharma sharing

16.30 mindful exercise/ shopping

17.30 dinner with dharma family

19.30 light up the candle of aspiration and sit under bodhi tree

21.30 noble silence/ light off

Sun 5

4.30 wake up

5.15 homage to our teachers

7.00 formal breakfast

7.45 quater cleaning

9.00 dharma talk

11.30 picnic lunch

13.00 farewell

This acyivity does not require registration fee, however you can make a donation by yourself about 700 bath per day.

Please kindly arrange transportation by yourself.


Registration close on 1 march 2023

More information

Email for more information

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