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Songkran Retreat 2023


12 - 16 April 2023



In Person Retreat



Registration close


‘Peace in every step

Freedom in every smile’

“Freedom is available to us in the present moment when we live mindfully with awareness and gratitude that all the wonders of life are still available to us. A smile on our lips is freedom, We are free from the past and the future and are fully alive in the present moment.”

Join us for 5 days of mindfulness practice with the Thai Plum Village community during Thai New year . To treasure life within and around you in an atmosphere of big family gathering in a peaceful of mindful living together. We are invited you to come with your family, friends, loved one or co-workers. As you are aware that you and those around you are inter-connected so this is the chance to be together in an atmosphere of peace and joy.

Date: 12-16 April 2023

Language: Thai and English

Number of retreatants: 200 friends


Typical Schedule

4.00 Wake up 

4.45 Morning Sitting Meditation, sutra reading, chanting, walking meditation 

7.00 Breakfast 

8.00 Serivce meditation 

9.00 Dharma talk 

11.30 Lunch 

13.00 Total Relaxation 

15.00 Dharma Sharing 

16.30 Exercise 

17.30 Dinner 

19:30 Evening Sitting Meditation 

21.00 Noble silence 

21.30 Light out

* There will be activity for Thai New Year in this retreat


Details about life in the retreat 

- The accommodation will be a shared bedroom (6 people up) and shared bathroom (Bunk beds)

Men and women are assigned to stay and practice in separate hamlets.  You can request your roommate that come with you on registration from

- Meals are vegetarian; no meat, and dairy products. 

- Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent(s) or an adultTo guarantee the community practice and activities, the Monastery only receives participants older than five years old.

- If you are currently taking any medication, please make sure that you bring them with you.

- As a Buddhist monastery, the internet is not available so please kindly arrange everything  before coming to practice at the monastery.


Donation to support the retreat 

The Monastery is a non-profit practice center.  All activities are therefore donation-based only. We look forward to receiving your support during the time you stay in the Monastery.  For the time being, the estimated expense including food and accommodation for this retreat 700 Bath per person per day. Your donation will support the Monastery to cover the monastics’ daily expenses like food, electricity, water, and health care. Donation for support the retreat

Adult 18 up : 3,500 Baht 

5 – 17 yrs: 2,000 Baht


Account Name: PVF for Monastic 


Pakchong Branch

Account no. 331-4-48520-6

If you have difficulty with banking, please send e-mail to

We will confirm you by e-mail after we received your e-mail.



  1. By share van: 

o   For arrival day 12th April, We will arrange a van to pick up you at Bang Sue Grand Station (Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal), Bangkok at 11:30. It take about 3 hours to Thai Plum Village.

o   For departure day 16th April, The van will pick up you at Thai Plum Village at 13:00 to Bang Sue Grand Station (Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal) Bangkok

o   Please help to support the share van at 1,000 Bath for round trip. This is extra cost from registrational fee. Please kindly help to make a transaction with a donation for support the retreat

  2. By your own transportation: Please arrive at Thai Plum Village center at 15.00-16.30 of the arrival day (12th April). Unfortunately, we are not able to receive guests on a different day as there will be an orientation in the evening of the 1st day.


1.      Registration via online form

Closed on 6 th April or when fully booked

2.      After successfully registering on the link above, 

- if you stay abroad, please help to send us your flight ticket details before 4th April 2023 for confirmation. After that we will send you an e-mail to confirm within 1- 3 days.

- If you stay in Thailand, please kindly make a transaction for donation for support the retreat to confirm your registration to 

Account Name: PVF for Monastic 


Pakchong Branch

Account no. 331-4-48520-6

Then send a receipt to after that we will send you an e-mail to confirm within 1- 3 days.If you have difficulty with banking, please send e-mail to

3.      On 5th April 2023, we will send you others information about the retreat including transportation details. 

More information

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