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Songkran Retreat 2022

Coming and Going in Freedom


10 - 14 Aril 2022



In Person Retreat



Registration close


Songkran Retreat ‘Coming and Going in Freedom’

Join us for 5 days of mindfulness practice with the Thai Plum Village community during Thai New year.

To treasure life within and around you, we invite you to join the Plum Village community of monks, nuns and lay practitioners for a peaceful of mindful living together.

Typical Schedule: 4.00 Wake up 4.45 Morning Sitting Meditation, sutra reading, chanting, walking meditation 7.00 Breakfast 8.00 Serivce meditation 9.00 Dharma talk 11.30 Lunch 13.00 Total Relaxation 15.00 Dharma Sharing 16.30 Exercise 17.30 Dinner 19:30 Evening Sitting Meditation 21.00 Noble silence 21.30 Light out

Details about life in the retreat - Accommodation Male and female are separately . Shared bedroom 4 persons/ room for male 2 persons/ room for female Shared restroom - Meals are vegetarian; no meat, and dairy products. - Health protocols are in place; ATK testing on the arrival day and the 3rd day, mask-wearing, social distancing.

Donation to support the retreat Adult 18 yrs+: 2,500 Baht 12-17 yrs.: 1,500 Baht

Please arrange your own transportation to arrive our center at 15.00-16.30 of the arrival day. Unfortunately, we are not able to receive guests on a different day as there will be an orientation in the evening of the 1st day.

Registration link Closed on April 6, 12.00 hr. or when fully booked

It is good idea to come with your family, friends, loved one or co-workers. As you are aware that you and those around you are inter-connected so this is the chance to be together in an atmosphere of peace and joy.

We continue to be mindful of the situation with Covid-19 and have put in place a number of measures to ensure everybody’s safety.

With love and trust. Thai Plum Village

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