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Healthcare Retreat 2023


1 - 5 Dec 2023



Thai Plum Village



Registration Here


Healthcare Retreat 1-5 Dec 2023

“Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing the World”

Caring for the suffering of others is a natural, deeply rooted energy in the spirit of all human beings. Many of us have the inspiration and desire to work to alleviate the suffering of fellow humans. Therefore, we choose the profession of healthcare professions. While we are trying to help others, we also experience our own suffering. So, if healthcare professionals do not take good care of themselves, it can deplete their strength and passion for their work. In the end, they may not be able to help anyone, including themselves.

In this retreat, we, as healthcare professionals, social workers, and patient caregivers, will learn to care for and nurture ourselves with the inherent compassion energy within us. We will practice together to cultivate and nurture compassion, as well as alleviate our own suffering. When we can nurture the seeds of compassion, happiness, and joy within ourselves, we can share these energies and practices to help transform the suffering of others around us and extend them to all life on this planet.

By nurturing the compassion energy within ourselves, we can transform the world of suffering into a world of peace, freedom, and flourishing.

Dear friends,

Thai Plum Village is pleased to announce that we are now opening registrations for a retreat for healthcare professionals, social workers, and patient caregivers.

• Date : December 1st (Friday) - December 5th (Tuesday), 2023

• Venue: Thai Plum Village International Practice Center

• Number of retreatants: 100 friends who work in healthcare professionals, social workers, and patient caregivers.

• Languages: English and Thai

• Transportation : You can travel by your own transportation or join the shuttle van service we have arranged (at a cost of 1,200 Baht for the round trip).

• Registration: Please follow this link



The meeting point for the pick-up and drop-off service is:

For those who registered that “travel with the shuttle van”

• Pick-up point: The parking lot at BTS Mo-chit station on December 1st, 2023 at 6:30am.

• For departure day December 5th, 2023, the shuttle van will depart from Thai Plum Village at 13:30 and drop-off at the same spot (BTS Mo-chit station).

After welcoming you at the meeting point, our shuttle van will depart promptly to Thai Plum Village. Please wear a mask throughout the journey. We will make a stop at the designated rest area for restroom breaks.

The cost for the shuttle van service (Bangkok <--> Plum Village) is approximately 600 Baht per person per one-way trip, which is roughly 1,200 Baht per person for a round trip.

For those who registered that “Travel by my own transportation”

• Please arrive at Thai Plum Village between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM.

• Click here for Thai Plum Village International Practice Center Map


Preparations and Guidelines for Practicing Together in the Retreat:

Participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the retreat.

  • Dress appropriately and comfortably

  • We will provide three vegetarian meals a day (no dairy or eggs).

  • Kindly refrain from leaving Thai Plum Village during the retreat, except in the case of a medical emergency

  • Please maintain cleanliness in your accommodation and personal spaces, following the provided guidelines.

  • If you have any prescribed medication, please ensure you bring it with you.

  • These guidelines are important for creating a harmonious and respectful environment during the retreat.


Donation for Support:

• Thai Plum Village International Practice Center is a non-profit center. All activities are therefore donation-based only. We look forward to receiving your support during the time you stay in the Monastery, which covers the cost of food, public utilities, and maintenance of the medication center. The approximate personal expenses for this retreat are 1,000 Bath per day (1-5 December, 4 nights = 4,000 Baht)

• In addition to donating to cover your own expenses, you can also donate to support the daily needs of the monastic community, such as food, water, electricity, and medical expenses. We are grateful for your generosity and offer blessings for your happiness and continued practice in all moments of life.


Sample Meditation Retreat Schedule (Please note that these activities are subject to adjustments as appropriate)

4.30 Wake up

5.15 Morning Sitting Meditation, Sutra Reading, Chanting

6.15 Walking Meditation

7.00 Breakfast

8.15 Working meditation

9.15 Singing Meditation

9.00 Dharma talk

11.30 Lunch

13.00 Total Relaxation

15.00 Dharma Sharing

16.30 Exercise

17.30 Dinner

19:30 Evening Sitting Meditation and Touching the Earth

21.30 Noble silence

More information

If you have any further questions regarding attending this retreat, please email us at

May you have happiness and joy throughout the retreat. With gratitude.

Breathe and Smile

Thai Plum Village RegistrationTeam

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