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Wake Up day in Bangkok

Wake Up Day in Bangkok, 16 Sep 2023.

A Day of Mindfulness for young people at BIA

(Suanmok Bangkok)

Dear friends,

Young friends living in Bangkok and nearby are very happy to enjoy this regular gathering for mindfulness practice with young monastic brothers and sisters from the Thai Plum Village.

Every Wake Up Day like this, lay practitioners will attend the Dharma talk, walking meditation, eating the meal mindfully, play games and practice deep listening and sharing in a circle with the guidance of the monastic brothers and sisters. Languages are offering in Thai, English, and Vietnamese so that everyone can benefit from the communication, guidance and time spending together.

Enjoy these beautiful moments taken from the recent Wake Up Day of Mindfulness with lots of young and diverse but similar backgrounds of friends joining the Wake Up movement!

Next year in 2024, we will again have the regular Wake Up Day for you to come together and practice the joy of being in the present! We invite you to arrange for your time and schedule to enjoy the weekend like this together. :)

With love and gratitute to the Wake Up Sangha,

The Wake Up Thailand (young and fun) Community ;))


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