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True Happiness

Lord Buddha, you and your Sangha are my teaches who have given me birth in the spiritual life and continue to nourish me every day. I am your disciple, your younger brother and sister, your son or daughter, I aspire to be your worthy continuation. You did not look for happiness in fame, wealth. sex, power, and luxurious food and possessions. Your great freedom, love, and understanding brought you happiness.

Thanks to your great understanding you were not obstructed by your own mind or your surroundings and were not caught in wrong thinking. You did not think, speak, or do things which would bring about suffering for yourself or others. Lord Buddha, thanks to this great understanding, you had limitless love for all species. This love comforted, liberated, and brought peace and joy to countless beings. Your great understanding and compassion gave you great freedom and happiness. My deepest desire is to follow your in your foot steps. I vow that I shall not seek happiness in the five sense pleasures. I shall not think that wealth, fame, sex, power, and luxurious food and material objects can bring me true happiness. I know that if I run after these objects of craving, I shall incur great suffering and make myself a slave to these things, I vow not to run after a position, a diploma, power, money, or sex. I vow that everyday I shall practice to give rise to understanding, love, and freedom.These elements have the capacity to bring true happiness for me and for the Sangha body now and in the future.

[touching the earth]

With body, speech and mind in oneness I touch the Earth three times to experience and to solidify my deep aspiration.



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