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Dear Beloved Sangha

Plum Village International Practice Centers is going to organize the Trừng Quang Great Precepts Transmission Ceremony from February 10-14, 2023 at Thai Plum Village. The event series include the Great Precepts Transmission, Dharma Lamp Transmission, 10-Year Anniversary of the Monastery established in the “New Land” in the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Stone Laying Ceremony to start the construction of the new Meditation Hall.

In this occasion, Thai Plum Village is honoured to welcome the Most Venerables that offer their witness and support for the ceremonies; at the same time, a lot of elder brothers and sisters, ordinees, as well as monastics coming from different tradition are offering their freshness and whole heart to the events.

Plum Village Sangha would like to express our gratitude and respect for the Most Venerables, monastics brothers and sisters, and lay Sanghas from all around the world who are hand in hand to make the events possible.

With love and respect,

Brothers and sisters

Thai Plum Village

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