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Holiday Retreat 2024 “Here are my hands”

Invitation Letter | Holiday Retreat 2024

“Here Are My Hands”

Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya

Dear Beloved Friends,

The monastics from Thai Plum Village would like to invite you to the year-end Retreat titled "Here Are My Hands." Here Are My Hands is taken from a poem by our teacher, Thầy. He has touched many people’s hearts with his gentle and insightful teaching. He has offered his hands, heart, mind, life, and immaculate love as morning dews.

“Here are my hands that are also my heart, my mind, my life-

all that remains. And here is my smile because I have never hated.

And here is my heart, my pure heart from days gone by.”

Excerpt from “Here Are My Hands” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Attending this retreat, you will have an opportunity to practice and cultivate joy and happiness. Every mindful step we make will contribute to the collective energy of peace for the community. During daily activities, we will have time to sit, breathe in mindfulness, and work in brotherhood and sisterhood. Living in a peaceful atmosphere, you will experience a joyful time with each other in an open and non-discriminative spirit through international cultural exchange activities.

Therefore, in the Retreat, every one of us will be a unit of happiness, and together we will build a beautiful fourfold Sangha that walks together on the path of love and understanding for a peaceful and happy life.

The Holiday Retreat will take place from December 25th, 2023, to January 01st, 2024, at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center. For more details, please visit:, (Registration information will be available on August 19th, 2023)

We are looking forward to seeing you here and now.

“A lotus for you,

a Buddha to be.”

Brothers and Sisters,

Organizing Team | Holiday Retreat 2024

Thai Plum Village


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