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“THE WAY OUT IS IN” | 20-24 November 2023

Dear friends,

We are going to get together in a five-day mindfulness retreat titled “The Way Out Is In” organized in Malaysia in November 20-24 2023, and the main language to be used in the retreat will be English.

A family retreat, this opportunity is suitable for young friends who would like to invite your beloved ones to join so that you can receive guidance for basic practices in the family. Plum Village monastic brothers and sisters will accompany and transmit to you their experience in the simple practices like walking, sitting, listening to the bell, silent meal, or mindful breathing.

There are times that a problem arises in daily communication and interaction with our family members or work partners. These knots may for so long have caused a lot of worries and now they need to be addressed with the powerful basic practices.

All necessary information for registration is available in this link:

Our brothers and sisters look forward to meeting you and your family in the retreat!

With love and gratitude,

On behalf of the Organizing Team

Brothers and sisters


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