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Registration for on-site practice
At Thai Plum Village
October 6th, 2023 to October 13th, 2023

Dear Friends,

      Thai Plum Village brothers and sisters are happy to announce the upcoming Week of Mindfulness is open for registration. The retreat will be organized from October 6th, 2023 to October 13th, 2023 at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center 

      Follows are basic notes for friends who are interested in registering for the retreat:

  • Language: Vietnamese, English and Thai

  • Number of participants: 150 friends

  • Instruction for registration: Please click on the link that follows to complete the registration form. The link will be opened on August 19th, 2023 (3:00 P.M. GMT+7, Thailand time).

  • Arrival date: October 6th, 2023. The Monastery’s representatives will pick you up at the airports between 01:00 P.M. and 04:00 P.M. Therefore, please kindly book your flight that arrives at the airport in the morning or before 03:00 P.M.

  • Departure date: October 13th, 2023 (Our drop-off car will leave the Monastery at 08:00 A.M., please kindly book your flight that departs after 02:30 P.M.)

  • Notes: 

    • The Monastery is not responsible for your flight ticket if you decide to settle it before a successful registration is confirmed.

    • You are recommended to arrive and leave the Monastery on the listed arrival dates. May we refuse to enroll any case that comes too late on October 6th, 2023, or any other days earlier or later than this day.

    • The monastery will have a period of monastic practice so extending your stay will not be possible after October 13th, 2023.

    • To guarantee community practice and activities, the Monastery only receives participants five years old or older.

    • Please read all information that follows prior to filling the registration form. 


To visit the Monastery, these are must-have: ​

1. Registration link: To register, please follow the link and fill in the form.  The link will be closed automatically when fully booked.

2. After successfully registering on the link above, you will immediately receive an email of notice that shows you have successfully registered and provides instructions for you to send us your flight ticket details.  You are asked to read thoroughly all information and all attached files.  Your flight ticket details are asked to be sent to us before  September 3rd, 2023. On September 3rd, 2023, if your flight ticket is not sent to us accordingly, your registration will be considered canceled.

3. Health insurance and travel insurance: You are suggested to purchase health insurance and travel insurance when travelling to Thailand. 

A. Registration

Registration link will open on 19th August 2023


1. Arrival date:

(1.1) For participants who registered “to be picked up at the airport”

  • The Monastery’s car will pick you up from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) or Don Muang Airport (DMK) from 01:00 P.M. to 04:00 P.M. on Friday, October 6th, 2023You are suggested to select a flight that arrives in Thailand before 03:00 P.M. If possible, please select one that arrives at about 12:00 P.M., so that after being picked up, you will have more time to take a rest and be ready for the activities.​

  • If you are now living in Thailand and could not arrange your own means of transportation to come to the monastery, you could register “to be picked up at the airport” also.

  • Upon welcoming you at the appointed assembly point, our pick-up car will go directly to the Monastery.  Please wear a face mask for the whole trip; the car will stop once for toilets at a pre-planned public place. 

(1.2 ) For participants who registered “will arrive in my own means of transportation”

  • (not having registered “to be picked up at the airport”): Please arrive at the Monastery on Friday, October 6th, 2023 from 02:30 P.M. to 05:00 P.M.

    • May we refuse to enroll any case that comes too late in September 22nd, 2023 or any other days earlier or later than this day.

2. Please note:

  • To help our pick-up team: Please buy a Thai sim card upon arrival at Thailand’s airport (or use Wifi at the airport to use the Viber app) to stay connected with the Monastery and our pick-up team via email, Viber, or direct telephone. 

3. Pick-up fee (Airport <--> Monastery)

  1. The pick-up fee is around 600 Thai Baht per person (or 1,200 Thai Baht per person for two rounds). 

  2. If the Monastery needs to arrange a taxi pick-up, the fee is 2,300 - 2,400 Thai Baht/taxi. If you travel with other friends, the taxi fee will be shared. 

4. Departure date: 

  • The Monastery can arrange drop-off service from the Monastery to the airport (either BKK or DMK).  Our drop-off car will leave the Monastery at 08:00 A.M. on October 13th, 2023  You are suggested to select a flight that departs at least six hours after the time you leave the Monastery, which means approximately four hours of travelling from the Monastery to the airport plus two hours of check-in at the airport.

  • For example, upon leaving the Monastery at 08:00 A.M., you are advised to book your flight that departs after 02:00 P.M.

B. Transportation
  1. Except for medical emergencies, please do not go out of the Monastery.

  2. Please clean your own space regularly according to the instructions of the Monastery.

  3. If you are currently taking any medication, please make sure that you bring them with you.

  4. Participants under 18 years old need to be accompanied by their parent or a legal guardian.

  5. To get the information about schedule of practices, accommodation,..., please visit Here.

C. Regulations


  1. The Monastery is a non-profit practice center.  All activities are therefore donation-based only. We look forward to receiving your support during the time you stay in the Monastery.  For the time being, the estimated expense including food and accommodation for Retreat is 700 Thai Baht per person per day. 
    For children from 6-12 years old, the estimated expense including food and accommodation for Retreat is 420 Thai Baht per person per night.

  2. Your donation will support the Monastery to cover the monastics’ daily expenses like food, electricity, water, and health care.  Donations can be made in Thai Baht, USD (by cash) at our Registration office.  

D. Making a donation

Please read carefully the information below to prepare for the best visit to Thailand.

  1. If you are positive to Covid-19 before arriving at the Monastery, please kindly do not make it to come. The Monastery will arrange another appropriate time for you to visit.  Please keep us informed of this via email to

  2. If the situation of Covid-19 becomes complicated and activities like retreats must be canceled, the Monastery will not be allowed to receive and host guests.  Please note that we will not be responsible for your flight ticket and hotel booking.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.  In the case of cancellation, an email of notice will be sent to you.

  3. Please note: Thai Plum Village Practice Center is a non-profit organization without any support from commercial establishments.  The funding is provided solely by donations from those with kind hearts. Therefore, should you develop any health problems or personal issues (including the case of being infected by Covid-19) that require treatment during your practice and stay in Thailand, please be aware that you will be fully responsible for any expenses incurred.

  4. If there are updates from the Thai government related to the immigration and quarantine guidelines for international visitors, Monastery will amend this document accordingly.

  5. Thai Plum Village on Google Map: Click Here

E. Other information

If you have any further questions regarding attending retreats or other Monastery events, please email us at

Thank you very much!  We wish you a great Retreat with a lot of joy and happiness!

Thai Plum Village Registration Office

Breathe and Smile

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