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We are closed due to Covid-19 situation.

You are warmly invited to visit Thai Plum Village and practice with our growing international community of practice and to enjoy the wonderful energy of mindfulness. The monastery stay is for us to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and thereby nurture our own inner growth. We can take time to look deeply in order to transform both our individual difficulties and the difficulties in our society.

Our practices at Thai Plum Village help us weave mindfulness into all of our daily activities. In this way we can practice meditation throughout the day, while eating, walking, sitting, working, or enjoying a cup of tea together. Friends are invited to participate in community activities such as walking and sitting meditation as well as community work in arranging the meditation halls, cleaning bathrooms, washing pots and other simple tasks as part of the daily practice of mindfulness.

We emphasize community practice so that we can support each other, benefit from our collective energy, and learn to live together in harmony. We ask everyone to contribute to the collective energy of practice by joining in all the scheduled activities.

Thai Plum Village observes a monastic way of life year round; we ask our friends to observe our way of mindful and ethical living as expressed in the Five Mindfulness Trainings. The Five Mindfulness Trainings are the foundation of the Plum Village community, bringing happiness and meaning to all that we do. In addition to the five trainings, we also practice a vegan diet. Please do not bring non-vegan foods, alcohol, or other intoxicants to our practice center.

Practice Program

Day of Mindfulness (Every Sunday)

You are joyfully invited to experience the life of our mindful living community. Please see sample schedule below:

4:00       Wake up

4:45       Sitting meditation / Chanting / Discourse reading

6:00       Walking Meditation

7:00       Formal Breakfast

9:00       Dharma Talk

11:30     Lunch

13:00     Rest

15:00     Dharma Sharing

16.00     Lazy evening

You are encouraged to arrive on Friday afternoon between 2:00 - 4:30 pm.

Length of Stay, Starting every Friday (1 Week - 2 Weeks)

Generally, practitioners are invited to stay for at least 1 week to fully experience the art of mindful living and be able to make it a vital part of your daily life.  For those who want to stay more than 2 weeks, you may like to write an aspiration letter to the community and the decision will be made based on your practice and space availability.


Tentative Daily Practice Schedule

4:00       Wake up

4:45       Sitting Meditation/ Chanting/ Discourse Reading

6.00       Walking Meditation

7:00       Silent Breakfast

8.30       Dharma Talk (DVD)/Extracurricular activities

11:30     Lunch (silent during the first 20’)

13:00     Rest

15:00     Working Meditation

17.30     Silent Dinner

18.30     Personal Time

19.30     Sitting meditation & Touching the Earth

21.00     Noble Silence (until after having washed your bowl after breakfast).

Lazy Day

Monday, also known as Lazy Day, is when we let the day unfold in a natural way without any scheduled agenda, while still maintaining mindfulness. We can enjoy being with friends, taking a walk, reading a book, or just relaxing and enjoying the day in mindfulness on our own pace.  Our meditation halls will be open for those who enjoy personal sitting meditation. We would like our friends to stay within the monastery on lazy days in order to fully benefit from this special day.


All housing is organized in community fashion, and most living areas and all rooms are shared, to encourage the aspect of community living and mutual support in our practice. We will provide a mattress and a pillow. In order to help reduce our carbon footprint please bring your own sleeping bag so we can use less energy to wash linens.



We request that you wear non-revealing clothing at all times. You may like to wear long or short sleeved shirts covering the upper body, shorts that are roughly knee length, or loose fitting pants that make it comfortable for sitting mediation.

Please note that the white attire based on the Thai Buddhist tradition is not required

What to Bring

  • Valid Passport and Visa upon check-in
  • Mosquito repellants
  • Flashlight, hat and water bottle
  • Your own medicines or supplements as necessary
  • Sleeping bag.


Additional Information

  • All visitors are required to register online and have already received a confirmation email before coming
  • Pets are not welcome
  • Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent(s) or an adult
  • Internet is not encouraged and accessible so that you can fully enjoy the practice during the whole length of your stay.


Arrival and Departure

Please kindly arrive to the monastery between 2:00-4:30 pm on Friday during the mindful working time of our guest team.
Also, please understand that our community practices meditation and noble silence in the evening until the next morning so please do not arrive any other time after sunset.

For transportation conveniences, the appropriate departure day is on Friday by public van.

In order to support and protect our Mother Earth, we (monastics) would apply a weekly NO CAR DAY on Sunday, you are also invited to practice with us - So please Not arrive or departure on Sunday. 


MAP and Direction

Transportation Link

Donation (Dana)

The monastery is non-profit and therefore sustained by donation. As you  feel comfortable, you may like to make a contribution for food and accommodations, and to support the monastery. Donation can be made either in person at the registration office or by bank transfer.

How to Register

 Enjoy completing the registration form here at least 2 weeks before your intended arrival date. A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We are closed due to Covid-19 situation.

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